Calligraphy Workshops:

learn the art of beautiful writing

Calligraphy is a timeless art that anyone can learn. At a beginner calligraphy workshop, you will benefit from my three years of calligraphy experience - you will get the best supplies, in-person instruction, and as much individual attention as necessary. If you want to make a calligraphy project (like greeting cards or quote art) but don’t want all the instruction, my project workshops will be perfect for you! All of my workshops are self-paced and stress-free. Click below to check out upcoming workshops and more details.

This was my first time doing calligraphy, and I feel really happy and confident in the skills I learned!
It was a great way to learn something new in a fun and supportive environment.
It was great! This was something out of my comfort zone and Michelle did a great job of making me feel comfortable!